St Aidan's Centre

Acoustic Panels at St Aidan's Centre

Acoustic panels have been installed at St Aidan's Centre.Acoustic Panels at St Aidan's

The panels were specified to reduce the reverberation in the hall, which was troublesome for all activities, and especially problematic for training, conference or seminar users.

The new panels are brightly coloured and bring a happy, playful look to the centre, without reducing its broad-ranging appeal. St Aidan's Centre hosts regular groups for children, and also other groups, training events, and Community Functions.

We are grateful to the Manchester Airport Community Trust Fund which provided a grant for the work.

St Aidan's Centre Christmas Fair

 St Aidan's Christmas Fair

Christmas Fair at St Aidan's Centre, 230A Wythenshawe Road, Northern Moor, Saturday 4th December, 11am - 2pm.

For Details phone 0161 998 8802

Funding secured for acoustic treatment

St Aidan's showing acoustic panelsSt Aidan's Centre in Wythenshawe Road  has received an award from the Manchester Airport Community Trust Fund, for acoustic treatment inside the centre.

Previously part of St Aidan's RC church, St Aidan's Centre is managed by the Catholic Children's Society, and provides space for community groups. Currently, users include Slimmer's World, and Rainbows.

The venue was refurbished to a high standard in 2008, but has suffered with very loud acoustics. The addition of acoustic panels, made possible by the Airport Trust Fund grant, will significantly quieten the space, making it more suitable for training events and conferences, as well as the children's activities that already take place.

We expect that the acoustic panels will be fitted in the next few months.